NewsPort Content Management System is an application that empowers the development and operation of dynamic, content rich websites. It is an excellent system for the speedy, cost effective management of complex websites that change frequently.

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Would you like your web site to have the professional look and up-to-date appearance of news agencies such as CNN, the BBC or CBC?  NewsPort is your answer.

NewsPort offers a set of user-friendly web management features that work from standard browsers. Web site content publishing can be done in just a few clicks from anywhere and at anytime. Just login to your site administration system and you are in full control. 

NewsPort allows designated users (writes) to edit and publish their articles within a predefined website framework without HTML or other programming skills. Editing pages is as simple as “click and type”.  It also provides  simple method for uploading and linking images to articles, Just upload the page images and watch the built-in image server takes care of enhancing and resizing the images for perfect fit to your site template. It  dramatically cut – by up to 99% - the amount of  technical involvement required to keep website content up to date, and removes the associated  cost barriers of running your web sites professionally.

With NewsPort your reporters can prepare and edit their news articles over the internet. These articles can be enabled for immediate viewing on your web site after being activated by authorized NewsPort users.

NewsPort powered web sites are fully customizable to match your requirements. It offers true separation of design from content, and allows changing the web site “look and feel” any time without affecting its content.

As a hosted application, we take care of all technical aspects of running the web site which allows you to concentrate on what you know best, the site content.  No software to install or server to worry about. 

NewsPort's core function is News Publishing. In addition, it offers value-added features like Event announcements and Chat Rooms to increase your market presence, and banner managemnt, classified and a business directory as revenue generating features that can be linked to an online payment system to help you achieve your bottom line. 

Sample of NewsPort driven sites: