The market on the internet is immense. Capturing a share requires the right vision, the right positioning and the right tools; tools that reach far beyond today's common Internet solutions. At InfoTech, we put our vision, experience and commitment to work to build web solutions that help you reach the potential of the Internet market.












News 4 Realty

News 4 Realty is a set on marketing solutions designed to help Real Estate and Mortgage agents to keep in touch with their client base though monthly email and printed newsletters.

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NewsPort 4 Realty

NewsPort 4 Realty is a web content management system designed specially for the Real Estate Industry and based on NewsPort, our well established and very successful Content Management System.

NewsPort 4 Realty creates feature-rich , Dynamic and flexible web sites that empower reall estate agents to effortlessly control their web content. With NewsPort 4 Realty we put you in control; you have the ability to change anything you like at any time... more



NewsPort is a Content Management Platform for online Newspapers, Magazines, Portals,  Article Publishers or Community web sites. 

NewsPort  empowers the development and operation of dynamic, content rich websites. It is an excellent system for the speedy, cost effective management of complex websites that change frequently.

NewsPort's Task Oriented approach provides the easiest alternative for content contributors to generate and manage content while maintaining the site consistency and professional design. Web site  publishing, maintenance and monitoring can be done in just a few clicks from anywhere and at anytime....  more


IntraWORK Is an Intranet groupware application designed to meet the information sharing needs of small to mid size organizations. This intuitive solution makes it easy for employees to use their Intranet as a value-added organizational guide and collaborative workspace. 

IntraWORK features everything you need for efficient collaboration and communication over the web; Company and department announcements, messenger, webMail, live Chat, SMS messaging, Address book, Employees directory, personal and group Calendar, Task management,  and Document management....  more